Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through a list of FAQ's about the Landmark Waterview Apartments

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through a list of FAQ's about the Landmark Waterview Apartments

December 2026

Over 100 apartments

The building will have 28 floors


Gym, games room, spa, outdoor lounge, valet car parking, adult and kid’s pool club house, laundry, private restaurant, concierge facilities, convenience shops, meeting rooms, and many other bespoke services


As a Landmark Waterview Apartment resident, you automatically become a “Landmark Citizen” and this status gives you access to selected events, use of certain facilities, discounts on retail offerings, complimentary beach membership, priority passes, access to the cinema and many more.


This means that the apartment will be handed over in a state of basic finishing, finished walls, electrical panels and outlets, finished floors, HVAC system,  lighting, toilet bowls, showers and sinks.


Yes, there is parking within the development. Each parking space costs a one-off fee of N3,000,000. There are also 100 spaces for visitors parking within the development.


A Deed of sublease will be provided to show ownership once payment has been completed.


We have a Deed of lease on the entire landmark village for 99 years, residue of which is 79 years at the time.


No, the workspace area is separate from the 306 apartments.


The workspace [co‐living area] is on the ground floor.

Sinking fund: A one-off payment of N500k will be made for the first year.

Subsequent years: N120,000 subject to an annual escalation

Service charge: N30,000 per sqm  

Legal fee: 2.5%  

Agency fee: 2.5%

  1. Maintenance of standby generator.
  2. Maintenance of lifts.
  3. Pest control.
  4. Maintenance of water supply services.
  5. Horticultural and beautification services.
  6. Provision and maintenance of firefighting and safety equipment.
  7. Provision of security.
  8. Cleaning and lighting of common parts.
  9. Maintenance of the plumbing system and cleaning and discharge of septic tanks and soak away pits.
  10. Refuse disposal.
  11. Insurance of the building.
  12. Maintenance of car parking facilities.
  13. Repair and planned preventive maintenance of the Water Corporation Road.
  14. Any other services to be offered in common to the occupants of the Landmark Waterview Apartments.
  15. The cost of employing staff for the performance of the duties and services referred to above.
  16. Costs for the coordination and management of the provision of service and utilities.

Money set aside for the replacement of equipment and infrastructure serving the building.

Studio, 1-4bedroom (s)

Type  Size in sqm (approx.)
Studio  28-34sqm
1-bedroom 50-60sqm
2-bedroom 75-85sqm
3-bedroom 105-120sqm
4-bedroom  200-220sqm


ocean, city, mixed

No, the apartments are handed over in white box finish

The starting prices for each apartment type are below: 

Studio $135,000
1-bedroom $235,000
2-bedroom $370,000
3-bedroom $530,000
4-bedroom $1,500,000





We have a flexible payment plan that can be made in four instalments, which are:

Upon signing of offer letter-30%

Upon 50% completion of building superstructure-30%

Upon completion of building envelope-30%

Upon handover-10%


Yes, please find them below:

  1.   Sinking fund: this is a fund that will be maintained for the purpose of undertaking major repairs or replacing major building infrastructure and equipment such as lifts, HVAC systems, generators etc. It is a N500,000 payment for the first year and N200,000 for subsequent years subject to an annual escalation. 
  2.   Service charge: N30,000 per sqm per annum
  3. Legal fee: 2.5% of the apartment purchase price
  4.  Administrative charge: 2.5% of the apartment purchase price
  5.  Power and water are metered and charged at use


Money set aside for the replacement of equipment and infrastructure serving the building.

  1. Maintenance of standby generator
  2.  Maintenance of lifts
  3. Pest control
  4. Maintenance of water supply services
  5. Horticultural and beautification services
  6. Provision and maintenance of firefighting and safety equipment
  7. Provision of security
  8. Cleaning and lighting of common parts
  9. Maintenance of the plumbing system and cleaning and discharge of septic tanks and soak-away pits
  10. Refuse disposal
  11. Insurance of the building  (not purchaser’s contents)
  12. Maintenance of car parking facilities
  13. Repair and planned preventive maintenance of the Water Corporation Road
  14. Any other services to be offered in common to the occupants of the Landmark Waterview Apartments
  15. The cost of employing staff for the performance of the duties and services referred to above
  16. Costs for the coordination and management of the provision of service and utilities.
  17. Municipal/regulatory fees: Land Use Charge
  18. Painting of the building


We cannot amend the entire payment plan, as the payments are tied to construction progression, we are however willing to amend the payment plan should you make 50% payment of your purchase price upfront. Should you take this option, then you can suggest a payment plan which we might accept upon review.


Yes, we have mortgage options available and can be discussed if you are interested.

Yes, you can. We have a very flexible payment plan that enables you pay over a period of time. The payment timelines correspond with major construction milestones. Please find the current payment plan below;

  • 30% upon execution of offer letter
  • 30% upon 50% completion of the building superstructure 
  • 30% upon completion of the building envelope
  • 10% upon handover

No, each apartment’s price is determined by the below-listed factors:

  • Size: For each apartment type, the pricing is determined by its size (measured in square metres), so the larger the apartment type, the higher the price more you pay. For example, studio apartments come in five different approximate sizes so the bigger the studio size, the higher the price.
  • View: a key determinant of an apartment price is the view you get from it which can either be that of the city, the ocean, or a mix of both. So, an apartment can be situated on the same floor, and be of the same type and size but will differ in price based on the view it commands. 
  • Floor: another key determinant of an apartment cost is the floor the apartment is located on. The higher you go, the higher the prices. Essentially, the higher the apartment floor, the more expensive the apartment becomes. For example, an apartment of the same type, size and view but on different floor will have differing prices.
  • Position: the final determinant of an apartment price is the positioning of the apartments as some of the apartments are located in a part of the building that attracts a premium cost. 


Some of the contractors for the development include the following:

  • Foundation/Piling Contractors: Trevi Foundations Nigeria Limited                                                                                                                                                              Trevi Foundations has for over 65 years laid deep foundations for high rises across the world. A high proportion of the signature high rises in Lagos had their foundation laid by Trevi. 
  • Superstructure/Building Frame: ITB Nigeria LTD                                                                                                                                                                                         ITB Nigeria Limited is owned by Eko Atlantic and have executed the construction of over 50% of the waterfront high rises in Lagos over the last five years.



− 18 room hotel (Landmark Hotel)
− 10 floor mixed use building (Landmark Towers)
− 63,519 sqm of beach front (Landmark beach)
− 38,700sqm (Landmark retail boulevard).


Currently, we are in talks with the government and the proposed time frame for fixing the road is 9 months.

It is a waterfront development located along the Atlantic Ocean coastline and in the heart of West Africa’s fastest-growing business, leisure and lifestyle destination (Landmark Lagos, located at Plots 3 & 4, Water Corporation Road, Oniru, Victoria Island Annex, Lagos, Nigeria).

The Landmark Africa Group (Landmark) is the developer of a mixed-use space measuring over 150,000 sqm space along the Atlantic Ocean coastline in Victoria Island  Lagos, Nigeria. Some of the developments within its mixed-use space include: Landmark Towers, Landmark Retail Boulevard, Landmark Beach,  Landmark Beach Hotel and Resort. Landmark has been recognized severally by national and international organisations for its distinct and best-in-class business, leisure and lifestyle developments and offerings activities. Some of its awards are listed below: 

African Property Investment Summary 2019 Finalist Best Mixed-Use Development & Best Retail Devel¬opment 
London Stock Exchange 2019 Companies to inspire Africa 
Euromoney 2020 Winner Best Real Estate Developer Award, Mixed Used Sector MEAF Winner 
MEA Markets African Excellence Awards 2021 Winner Best Real Estate Development firm 
West Africa by Corp Today Magazine Most Outstanding Real Estate Development Firm 2021 
Global Business Insight Awards Excellent Real Estate Development Firm 2021 - West Africa 
Nigerian Real Estate & Property Awards 2021 Real Estate Organization Making a Difference in Nigeria 
African Property Investment Award 2021 Winner Best Mixed-Use Development In Africa 
Real Estate and Property Awards 2021 Best Property Development Company - Nigeria
The Pyne Awards 2022 Winner Hospitality Service Company of the Year
Redan 2022 Winners Property Development Company of the Year
Euromoney 2022 Winner Best Mixed-Use Developer & Office/Business Development-Nigeria
Africa Housing Award 2022 Winner Commercial Real Estate of the Year
African Property Investment Award 2022 Winner Best Mixed-Use Development
African Quality Achievement Award 2022 Africa’s Best Real Estate Brand of the Decade 2022
MEA Markets African Excellence Awards Best Commercial Property Development Company 2023- Nigeria
World Business Outlook Best Mixed-Use Developer
Build 2023 Real Estate & Property Awards Best Leisure & Destination Development Company 2023 - Nigeria